THURSTON MOORE, the tallest dude of SONIC YOUTH, has dazzled audiences with his mean guitar, vox, poetry, artwork, and wit for over 25 years. Moore currently runs his own label Ecstatic Peace! home of great bands like Awesome Color, Magik Markers,and Tall Firs. A few sentences can’t do this man justice...SONIC YOUTH.COM 

MIKE WATT, philosopher, artist, and big bassman for legendary punk trio THE MINUTEMEN, currently filling in on bass for Iggy & The Stooges. Watt has collaborated with folks like Eddie Vedder, J Mascis, Henry Rollins, Nels Cline, Petra Haden, Frank Black, and Kelley Clarkson, yes, Kelley Clarkson. MIKE WATT’S HOOT PAGE!

IAN MACKAYE, a true american hero, head of Dischord Records in Washington DC and from legendary bands like FUGAZI, MINOR THREAT, THE EVENS, and TEEN IDLES. For over 28 years Mackaye and Dischord Records have kept those greedy grimey industry hogs out of their art- forging a truly inspirational DIY path for artists/musicians of all kinds. $5 shows $10 CDs- the way life should be. DISCHORD.COM

LENNY KAYE, aka Doc Rock, writer, musician, rock historian, Nuggets compiler and (finally) guitarist of THE PATTI SMITH GROUP. Lenny worked in a record store where he met Patti Smith! He’s also produced a slew of artists like Soul Asylum, Allen Ginsberg, and Suzanne Vega. LENNY KAYE.COM

GLENN BRANCA, avant garde composer, guitarist, and music industry cynic extraordinaire is known around the world for his works (Ascension, Lesson No 1, Symphony No. 3, to name a few). Out of thrift and necessity Branca has built some crazy guitars (ie Mallet guitars played with drumsticks). He is a true pioneer in independent music influencing Sonic Youth, Helmet, the Swans and probably any other mildly popular experimental band today. GLENN BRANCA.COM

LEGS MCNEIL, author, mythical figure, and at times a true contrarian cofounded and wrote for Punk Magazine, a legendary zine that covered the 1970s NYC punk scene. Legs claims to have coined the term “punk rock.” He has written the amazing book “Please Kill Me: The Uncensored History of Punk” and most recently “The Other Hollywood: The Uncensored Oral History of the Porn Industry” (pun intended we think). LEGS MYSPACE!

NOAM CHOMSKY, author, linguist, activist, MIT Professor, NY Times “leading intellectual,” another true american hero! Besides being a breakthrough linguist, Chomsky has been one rad activist and critic of the U.S., media ownership, foreign policy- and world politics as a proclaimed anarchist. One of the smartest, most politcally knowledgable humans on the planet. Read his books “Manufacturing Consent” and “Hegemony Or Survival.” CHOMSKY!

CHRIS FRANTZ, backbeat of THE TALKING HEADS and TOM TOM CLUB. Frantz continues to inspire musicians and artists alike. Frantz has been sampled by Mariah Carey, produced an album by The Happy Mondays, and contributed vocals and percussion to the GORILLAZ. TOM TOM CLUB still records and performs today. Check em out! TOM TOM CLUB.NET

PAT CARNEY, animal drummer for THE BLACK KEYS, the incredible blues rock band from Akron, Ohio. Carney and friend Dan Auerbach formed in 2002- recording, mowing lawns for a summer, hitting the road to a pretty successful tour, and then that 5 star review in Rolling Stone. The rest is history. Carney also runs his own record label Audio Eagle home to some awesome Ohio/Midwest bands. Check em out!



PATTERSON HOOD, lead singer/ guitarist of the DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS, aka one rippin’ rock band for the new century. Patterson is son of David Hood, session player at the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, but he doesn’t necessarily live in daddy’s shadow. Drive- By Truckers have recorded 8.5 albums and their latest “Brighter Than Creations Dark” has gotten heavy spins here. DBT! DRIVE BY TRUCKERS.COM

MIKE DREESE, super interesting dude, Berklee Trustee, CEO and cofounder of the multi-million dollar culture chain Newbury Comics. Dreese dropped out of an economics major at MIT to start Newbury Comics with friend and roomate John Brusger in 1978. Newbury Comics was instrumental in breaking acts like the Clash, Joy Division, U2, Mission of Burma, and the Pixies. Today there are 27 Newbury Comics locations and growing! Dreese also does business THE REAL WAY by offering his employees gold plated health insurance- CEO’s take note! NEWBURY COMICS.COM

BP HELIUM, aka Bryan Poole, Elephant 6 guitarist in OF MONTREAL and ELF POWER. BP is one of the Athens, GA greats. Loves dem rekkid stores. OF MONTREAL.COM & OF MONTREAL BLOG!

ROB MILLER, independent record store enthusiast and CEO of Bloodshot Records out of Chicago, IL. Bloodshot Records is an independent record label fighting the good fight with releases by awesome bands/artists like The Detroit Cobras, Andre Williams, Exene of X, Neko Case, The Sadies, Bobby Bare Jr., and The Yayhoos! These cats know rock n roll. BLOODSHOT!

BOB GRUEN, rock photographer probably most noted for his John Lennon NYC portrait. Gruen has shot loads of cool bands of the years like The Clash, New York Dolls, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and the Rolling Stones. BOB GRUEN.COM